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Bent Brewstillery Supports Pets

We love pets and proud to help support Griffin Greatness and their mission to solve economic euthansia. Griffin is helping many rescues and shelters all across the U.S fund their missions for pets.  Team Griffin donates their professional services of web, graphic design, marketing and business development consulting so their rescue partners can grow and help more pets.  They’re building a coalition nationally to help solve vet cost affordability issues to ensure every pet has access to vet care.  Together with their rescue partners they are working to save the 3 million or more animals euthanized, surrendered or dumped as a result of emergency vet costs.

Griffin Greatness is a local Mpls area company and Griffin was their family dog who had a $30,000 surgery almost nobody would ever pay.  They did and saved him with the help of friends, family and kind strangers who only asked to pay it forward.  Griffin inspired their heartfelt mission to help pets and rescues everywhere with their very generous giving and support model.

We’re proud to support local Minneapolis pet businesses and organizations helping pets.

Choose which organization to support & up to 70% of the profit for anything you buy at Griffin Greatness will support them for life

Founded in 1989, Carver-Scott Humane Society is a 501c3 non-profit foster-based rescue with the mission of connecting animals in need with people who care. We envision a world where every animal is safe, cared for, and loved in the Twin Cities and beyond. And by working collaboratively with the community and rescue partners to provide refuge, medical care, foster homes, we make this possible.

Pawsitudes has the goal of making Emergency trips to the vet affordable so that our companions can get the care they need. We want every pet who is able to go home with a happy story. Sadly, that is not always the case for animals who end up at the Emergency hospital. If owners do not have the money or qualify for credit they are faced with the decision to either put their pet down, or surrender them to a rescue and never see them again.