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Griffin Greatness & CSHS

Featured Rescue Shelter Organization

Griffin is doing zoomies for Carver Scott Humane Society.  We’d like to recognize them for their excellence and professionalism as an organization and as a valued Griffin Greatness Partner working to save the pets together.

CSHS is al highly respected organization local to us. Everybody knows them around Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs.  We were honored when they joined our program.   Our design and development team worked closely with their team to develop a highly customized launch of the program. Our team gives them 5 stars for administrative excellence and professionalism.  Web, social media, advertising panels, design, public relations are complex areas of specialty that our team found a common thread with CSHS.  It was a pleasure to work with them during setup stage.  They exemplify a model of coordination and communication which helped streamline their launch.

Wilson's Memorial Fund

CSHS has a very special program in Wilson’s Memorial Fund which has the same mission to help with emergency vet costs and pet emergencies as we do at Griffin Greatness!  We’re excited to help provide an additional funding stream to help Wilson’s Memorial Fund.

Wilson’s Fund was designed to assist families facing the difficult decision of euthanasia or surrender due to an emergency medical situation where immediate funds are not available. Wilson’s Fund Candidates must have an immediate life-threatening injury or illness that requires prompt veterinary attention. Quality of life and long-term prognosis and care will be considered when determining approved candidates.  It pays up to 50% with a maximum of $1,000.

Griffin will soon be letting all of our shelter and rescue partners give Griffin’s Emergency Pet Club with every new adoption so that we can add another $3,000 toward pet life threatening emergencies and 24/7 access to licensed vets through our club.  That makes $4,000 available through combined cooperative programs.  So what happens if the care is more than $4,000?  We have the power of the club is a cornerstone of our mission.  We mean it when we say let’s save the pets together.