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Pet Lovers United

We support shelters, rescues and animal welfare organizations

Most small non profit shelters and rescues operate on slim budgets. It’s not enough to run an organization that does so much for pets. Most have no physical facility and instead utilize a network of home based fosters to take care of the animals pending the adoption. Donations are hard to get and the competition for donations from many other worthy causes is immense.  

The Griffin Greatness shelter affiliate program was created to help shelters earn more money through store sales. People love to shop and do so all year round for themselves, family and friends.

Attention Facebook groups, social media marketers and influencers

If you run a Facebook group or other group on social media we’d like you to join and help us in the name of pet welfare also! Are you a social media influencer? Are you a celebrity or sports figure? Help us save the pets! We want you to join our support pets affiliate program. We only ask that you use a portion of your commissions to donate to any approved animal welfare cause of your choice.

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